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JDW Financial Group is a refined wealth management and investment service headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, servicing a global portfolio of clients. Our private investor services were incorporated in 2012, built on the foundations of our extensive experience, covering the global investment markets. We strive to bridge the gap between the growth and performance of our clients’ portfolios against that achieved by investment houses worldwide. We offer a full range of financial products and services to help you pursue and reach your financial goals. Our key principles are that we view our clients as partners and not resources and we believe they are pivotal to our future success. We have experts and resources strategically positioned worldwide allowing us to maintain a firm foothold on ever evolving capital markets. Our research and analytical capabilities have seen us become leading providers of investment research outsourcing to financial institutions globally. Applying these capabilities to the service of private investors allows us to maintain a track record at the pinnacle of portfolio performance.


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At JDW Financial Group our team of consultants encompasses comprehensive expertise and considerable experience. We provide tailor-made wealth management services and solutions to our clients and investors with superior investment experience.

  • Always receive the most accurate and up-to-date information.
  • With great attention to detail and risk assessment of any investment opportunity.
  • Outstanding strategy versatility to suit any client or investor.

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Our Senior Management Team has over 186 years of combined market experience, covering major global financial hubs and portfolios.

Optimum results

We help ensure that all your available investment resources are used efficiently and effectively, in order to provide an optimum return on investment.

Primary focus

Our primary focus as a company is our clients success and growth, as this will ensure our company’s progression and favorable results for the future.

Key to success

The key to our success is in keeping and nourishing the relationships we have built and ensuring our clients that they are our number one priority.

What People think

of JDW Financial Group

I was extremely pleased with working with JDW Financial Group. They have helped me to organize my time by taking and managing my portfolios with constant communication and updates so I now only oversee all of my investments instead of spending all my time managing them.
Michael Westmore


Before starting with JDW I was not the most confident of people with trading, but the team made feel so much more able and over the last 6 months I was able to make great investments.
Kyle Crawford

Lead Product Designer

I have been trading over the last 8 years, but with having so many things to understand and deal with I was having trouble expanding into other markets until I was able to work with the team at JDW Financial Group. With their help I have been able to expand my portfolio and investments into avenues I never understood before.
Victor Haneef

Senior Accountant

From the beginning of speaking with the team at JDW Financial Group I was able to have a very consistent flow of information and advice that has allowed me to make some of the best investments for my portfolio.
Duncan Shaw

Business Owner

One of the best decisions I have made in the last few years of my investing, is to invest in the commodities market with JDW financial Group. With this decision my financial situation has significantly changed.
Mahmud Shah

Managing Director

I have been a loyal client with JDW Financial Group since they began, and I am very happy with the savings plan I have with them and over the years they have been very helpful and great with communications regarding anything I have needed to do or change.
Christopher Griffin


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We aspire to be one of the most outstanding, client-focused companies that ensures our investors feel like partners rather than customers, so we all prosper together and achieve optimum financial results.

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